Bosch Laser Measure Zamo Set


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The third-generation ZAMO from Bosch is the world’s first laser measure with adapters.

They enable it to do much more than accurately measure distances and surface areas. The wheel adapter allows you to measures precise distances including curves. A very handy function for determining the length of cables, for instance. A line adapter helps you align objects very precisely. The ZAMO is a small but clever multi-talent that fits in your pocket and does away with laborious measurements with a yardstick or tape measure.

Using the ZAMO is conceivably easy thanks to its one-button operation, no matter what you need to measure. The extremely accurate result appears immediately on the display unit. You can measure lengths between 1mm and 20m with the wheel adapter, up to 1.5m with the tape adapter and up to 5m with the line adapter. The innovative technology developed by Bosch allows for a maximum deviation of 3mm. Automatic switch-off helps preserve battery power. The practical tool fits in any pocket thanks to its handy size and low weight.


  • Accurate and easy measuring up to 20 m using Zamo laser measure
  • Calculate square meters of the room with a quick and simple double-click on the button
  • The set version with the included adapters provides broader applications such as tape adapter, wheel adapter and line adapter
  • Tape adapter for measuring free standing objects like tables or picture frames, wheel adapter for measuring straight and curved distances on even and uneven surfaces and line adapter for aligning objects horizontally and vertically
  • Easy measuring thanks to the user friendly one-button design; click on it and easily measure distances


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